Protect your loved ones and your assets with comprehensive wills and trusts.

Proper planning and attention is necessary to protect your loved ones and to ensure a tax efficient transfer of wealth.  We build and maintain long term relationships with our clients to keep their estate plans current and applicable despite shifting life events and evolution of our tax regime.

Allow us to help you deal with the loss of a loved one by probating or administering their estate.

Whether your loved one passed away with or without a will, we can assist you in handling their estate.  We will help you probate a will or administer an estate under the laws of intestacy.  Either way, we will assist you in navigating the Surrogates Court and ensure a smooth transition of assets to their intended beneficiaries.

Small business supports our economy and we support small business.

We act as general counsel to small businesses and help them with their corporate affairs. As business transaction lawyers we are ready to provide our clients a full range of commercial transaction services.  We never undervalue the importance of a handshake but we understand that solid contracts are imperative because “good fences make good neighbors.”  As litigators we have a unique understanding of the importance of drafting contracts that can be utilized as both sword and shield, to enforce and defend rights.