Firm Philosophy

We promise to provide personal attention, to be counselors as well as lawyers, to be creative and cost efficient in our representation, to communicate effectively and to employ the latest technologies to provide you with exemplary legal services.

Moreover, we are committed to understanding your concerns to better assist you in reaching your personal and business objectives.

A Promise of Personal Attention

We promise our clients the warmth and personalized service that they require and deserve and we pride ourselves on delivering on that promise.

Counselors, Not Just Lawyers

In our current legal, economic, political and social environments, clients need more than lawyers and legal representation. They need problem solvers. They need counsel and advice about their businesses, finances and futures.

Moreover, they want the comfort and security of the knowledge that this advice is always only a phone call away.

We strive to develop long term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. We provide exceptional, result driven and cost effective legal services and we are proud that we have earned a reputation for integrity, competence and zealous advocacy.

A Promise of Judicial Efficiency and Creativity

We understand that in today’s environment, clients are concerned about their valuable time and resources. We know that our clients are weary of lengthy legal actions.

We understand the need for innovative legal and business solutions and we promise to employ our extensive business experience, entrepreneurial acumen and a good measure of common sense to provide them in a timely and cost-conscious manner. When litigation is necessary we fight zealously for our clients.

However, our abilities as aggressive litigators often enable us to achieve positive settlements for our clients without ever setting foot in the courtroom. We never lose sight of the possibility that a negotiated business solution may best serve our clients’ interests.

A Promise of Effective Communication

More than anything, we value communication with our clients.

We frequently hear from our clients that they appreciate the time we take to communicate with them to learn about their businesses and their concerns. We always inform our clients of their legal rights, keep our clients apprised of all developments and promise to ensure their participation, to whatever extent they desire, in the outcome of their legal matters.


The face of business and legal services has been markedly altered by the advent of new technologies. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of these ongoing technological advances.

We use these resources to draft cost efficient legal documents without the need to re-invent the wheel, resulting in significant savings for our clients.

As technology advances, so does the efficiency and effectiveness of our practice.