Commercial Litigation

We litigate for our clients in the highest courts of New York.  As litigators we have a unique understanding of the importance of drafting contracts that can be utilized as both sword and shield, to enforce and defend rights.  Our time in the courtroom makes us invaluable in the boardroom.  However, although we work hard to help our clients avoid litigation, as sophisticated business attorneys we recognize that even the most iron clad agreement is only as good as the person who signed it.  Sometimes litigation is simply necessary and our clients trust us to handle disputes affecting the core of their businesses and finances because we provide zealous and experienced courtroom advocacy.  We handle a broad range of commercial litigation including:

• Business disputes
• Debt collection
• Breach of contract
• Business fraud
• Shareholder derivative suits
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Business dissolution
• Real estate litigation
• Non-compete litigation
• Trademark Infringement
• Copyright infringement
• Declaratory judgment
• Emergency commercial litigation
• Preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders
• Out of court settlements

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about the commercial litigation services we provide.

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